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Why Choose Advanced Parking Service of New York, as your valet car parking company for your next event?

We know valet car parking in New York, and we know it better than anyone else.  We dedicate ourselves entirely to one goal: delivering the highest level of performance to our clients, whatever the venue. We know what a first impression is worth, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our operation is seamless.  Look around and you’ll see: only Advanced Parking Service consistently produces the quality and efficiency you need in your New York valet car parking service.

Before your next event or party, contact Advanced Parking Service for a free evaluation and quote. Our location management team will prepare a detailed, personalized proposal specifically tailored around the needs of your business, event or party. We specialize in house party services, parking for home parties, traffic direction, and parking management.

What Sets Advanced Parking Service Apart From the Competition?

specializes in valet car parking service for events on New York City, Long Island & Tri-State Area. A trusted car parking service 1-877-PARK-CAR

  • We are dressed to perfection with a crisp, professional look
  • Our exceptional record is backed by an assurance of our unparalleled performance
  • We are privately owned and operated by a team of seasoned professionals
  • Our warm, friendly staff adds value to any business or event
  • We demand the highest level of training in the industry
  • Our rigorous pre-employment screening produces skilled attendants with curb appeal
  • We ensure our fully licensed business with a first-rate insurance policy
  • As our sole business, we devote our complete focus to unequaled performance
  • We are one of the best Valet Car Parking Services for New York City, Long Island & Tri-State Area, period!


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